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Administrative Law

Administrative and Taxation
  • We offer the alternative of a juridical advising from a preventive perspective in your negotiations and negotiations with entities of the National Administration, Estadal and Police officer, including the relative thing to administrative contracts, Procompetencia, INDECU, environmental regime, licitations, expropriation and decentralization, in such a way that the companies could develop your economic activities with efficiency, without fear of administrative not detected sanctions, and without violating normative dispositions relating to this area of the Law.
  • It is done on the base of a detailed and personalized investigation of the case, to proceed with requests, requests and procedures in administrative headquarters, or of being the case, opposite to answers or not awaited omissions and interposing the above mentioned claims to the judicial, and like that levels to elaborate all the possible defenses in the contentious administrative processes, searching with it to obtain satisfactory results.
  • Of equal way, he is orientated in any activity that arises on the occasion of your relations with public entities.
  • We take charge of your judicial representation in the Top Contentious Courts, in the First Court and Second of the Administrative Contentious thing, and in last instanct, in the face of the Room Politician Administrative of the Supreme Court of Justice.

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