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Maritime Law


Our strategic allies in this area of the right concentrate his(her,your) experticia principally in cases related to merchant ships, attending also to sports crafts principally in representation of interests of insurers and reinsurers.

In the indicated context, our allies specialize themselves in the attention of maritime desasters of all kinds, including collisions, alisiones, general averages, claims for hurts / losses of load, disputes of freightment and personal injuries. His(her,your) experticia includes equally the relating thing to the documentation of ships, including registries and desabanderamientos, I register of naval mortgages and other documents capable of being registered before the Naval Venezuelan Record, permissions of cabotage and domestic navigation and other steps before the National Institute of the Aquatic Spaces and Islanders (INEA)

Example of the added value that our allies in maritime law represent for our services is his(her,your) experts' recognized quality in Venezuelan Law in this one rama* of the right, which has led them to informing with the above mentioned quality in judgments(reasons) in multiple jurisdictions as well as in arbitral procedures ad-hoc of international character.

They also are very active in the fields of assurances, reinsurances and retrocessions in maritime and not maritime cases, acting for insurers / reinsurers in all the items.

* Legal instruments applied with major frequency: I deliver a judgment strongly of Law on Maritime Trade and Deliver a judgment strongly of Law on Maritime Procedure.

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